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Veterinarians of Canyon Pet Hospital

Canyon Pet Hospital Veterinarian

Dr. Julianne Miller, Owner

Undergraduate School: University of Colorado

Veterinary School: University of Colorado

Professional Interests: Internal and emergency medicine, surgery, pain management, and acupuncture

Personal Interests: Reading, swimming and traveling with her husband, Christopher, and her daughters, Madeline and Zoe

Pets: Three dogs, Roscoe, Molly and Buster, and two cats, Bally and Patsy

Canyon Pet Hospital Veterinarian

Dr. Lisa Ethridge

Undergraduate School: Texas A&M University

Veterinary School: Texas A&M's College of Veterinary Medicine

Professional Interests: Behavior medicine and training, reproductive work on dogs and working with wildlife—especially raptors

Personal Interests: Traveling to dog shows and competing with her dogs, singing in church, reading, and a serious addiction to the History Channel

Pets: Kermit the Frog Dog, a French Bulldog; Wrinkle, a Shar Pei; Leonidas, a Bull mastiff; and varying French Bulldog fosters as they need her help

Canyon Pet Hospital Veterinarian

Dr. Jen Sullivan

Undergraduate School: University of North Carolina

Veterinary School: North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Professional Interests: Ophthalmology, cardiology, and animal legislation and public policy

Personal Interests: Mountain biking, cooking, knitting and listening to live music; as well as creative pursuits, including playing the guitar and making jewelry

Pets: Four cats, Dirty, Duni, Nigel and Sami, and two dogs, Marley and Chloe

Canyon Pet Hospital Veterinarian

Dr. Kim McGill

Undergraduate School: University of Southern Maine

Veterinary School: St. George's University

Professional Interests: Exotics

Personal Interests: Gardening, hiking, disc golf and traveling

Pets: Dogs and cats, as well as an African Spurred Tortoise, Green Iguana, Lovebird, Guinea Pig and freshwater fish

Canyon Pet Hospital Veterinarian

Dr. Amanda Amstutz

Undergraduate School: Oregon State University

Veterinary School: Utah State University School of Veterinary Medicine

Professional Interests: Dermatology, preventative care

Personal Interests: Hiking, backpacking

Pets: A kitten named Sir Nox

Canyon Pet Hospital Veterinarian

Dr. Cameron Folkers

Undergraduate School: Arizona State University

Veterinary School: Ross University

Professional Interests: Small animal emergency, oncology, ophthalmology, surgery, equine medicine.

Personal Interests: Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, snowboarding, playing the guitar.

Pets: Guinness, a Thoroughbred horse.